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Nota bene: This section has not been updated since 2003. I'm "working" on an update but keep in mind the resume, address, and everything else is woefully out of date.

My Professional Life

This page serves as an introduction to and explanation of my professional life.  The "Resume" links at the left will take you to the most recent version of my resume. Also at the left are links to a paper I wrote for a career development class. The paper is being posted as an example of my writing ability. More papers will be posted as they are converted to HTML.

Goals and Plans

I have completed a Master of Science degree in Information Systems at the University of Texas at Arlington but do not use it beyond a little futzing around with websites.  I was seeking a position in the IT field but have been managing investment properties instead. I am still interested in the areas of ERP, e-commerce and networking and would not be averse to a position in those areas but will most likely continue in real estate management for the time being.  Although I live in Arlington, I should be moving to Fort Worth within the next several months.


During my studies at UTA, I took courses in Java, C++, C, Pascal, HTML, and applied database management, earning As in each one. I earned Bs in systems analysis and design, data communication/networking, and ERP.  I took SAP and project management classes but don't recall the grades at the moment.

Other Skills

I have used Win95, WinNT, WinXP and UNIX. Over the course of my academic career, I gained experience with Word and Excel. I have installed upgrades on one of my computers. Also, I have some experience in the use of graphics software, specifically Picture Publisher 7 and Designer 7 by Micrografx. In high school and as an undergraduate, I studied Latin, Japanese and Spanish, earning A's in each class except for one tragic semester of Japanese when I got a B. After years of disuse, my Latin is barely good enough to read old monuments and my Japanese skills are completely gone. My Spanish is merely rusty and could be revived. Spanish was the only language, other than English, in which I could actually think.

Extra-curricular Activities

During my stay at UTA, I participated actively in the Wesley Foundation and was a student member of its board of directors. To become more involved on campus and broaden my network of friends and associates, I chose to become involved in several student organizations. After joining the Graduate Student Council, I was appointed their webmaster and chair of the Public Relations Committee for the 1999-2000 school year. I joined the Society of Graduate Business Students for social and networking purposes and was the chair of their Web Committee during the 1999-2000 school year. To meet other IT professionals, I also joined the Association of Information Technology Professionals in 1999 and served as their vice president for the spring 2001 semester. In the spring of 2000, I was awarded a Volunteer Leaders Scholarship and was named a University Scholar at the President's Convocation. During the 2000-2001school year, I served on several committees for UTA: the Student Service Fee Advisory Committee, which allocates a $3,000,000 budget to student organizations and departments; the Student Fee Oversight Committee, which reviews all changes to student fees and makes recommendations to administration; and the University of Texas System Student Advisory Council, a body consisting of representatives from the UT System's seventeen component institutions which researches issues of concern to the UT System and presents recommendations to the Board of Regents.


While an undergraduate, I worked for Talent Tree Staffing Services as a temp in a number of situations, usually answering phones or doing clerical work but occasionally doing data entry. As part of my last course at UT, I had the opportunity to spend six weeks working at an archaeological dig in northern Israel near the Sea of Galilee. After finishing my BA in Austin, I moved to Arlington and began managing a few small real-estate holdings for my family. I also investigated starting or buying a number of small businesses, including various franchises, a winery, and a coffee house. Having determined that franchise fees would suck most of the money out of the business, that wineries are tax write-offs for people who made their money elsewhere, and that the coffee house was sold to someone else while I was waiting for incorporation paperwork to get back from Austin (upsetting at the time, but for the best since the business closed within three months of the sale), I decided to go to graduate school. After initially spending time in the Computer Science Engineering Department, I transferred to Information Systems and attended classes full time. Now that I have my MS in INSY, I'm still doing real estate and will probably continue to do so.