The Photo Gallery

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My first passport picture. The picture from my first passport.  So young and innocent-looking, no?
A driver's license picture from college.  Amazing what finishing puberty will do to one's looks. A driver's license shot.
The Marquis de Sade Ever wonder why my e-mail address is "marquis"?  Slightly later than the driver's license shot, this is a picture from an Alpha Phi Omega Halloween party.  In the picture with me are Tori, my big sister in APO, and a previous little brother of hers.  Tori did my makeup and lent me a little beaded bag to hold my lipstick, compact, and handcuffs.
An old friend whom I haven't seen in years, with me at a UT game.  I don't recall who we played. With Derek in Austin.
With Joel at Caesarea Maritima I spent one summer working at an archaeological dig in Israel.  One weekend Joel and I (on the right, in case you didn't recognize me from the previous pictures) went to Caesarea Maritima.  The structure behind us is a Roman aqueduct.
Later in that summer, Joel, Paul, and I rented a car (with Joel driving since he was the only one who could drive stick in practice as well as in theory) and wandered through the West Bank.  After a night sleeping in a parking lot by the Dead Sea, we climbed Masada.  This picture was taken after I'd recovered somewhat from the climb and was, once again, vertical. Atop Masada.
My sister. My sister.
Behave like a gentleman around her = live a long and happy life.
Touch her = die.  Slowly.  In the rain.